TVLA logoThe Tees Valley Logistics Academy has been created to service the demands of the industry by working in close partnership with employers to identify the needs of the sector, offer bespoke training opportunities and help raise awareness among all ages.

Set up in collaboration with Stockton Riverside College, the Academy recognises that logistics is the very lifeblood of the Tees Valley’s industrial landscape; that is why it is so important, by working alongside industry employers and experts, we are able to offer a service that responds to real demands.

Our aim is to help tackle the skills shortage in the industry, focusing on six key strands of area development. These are:

  • School engagement – raising young people’s awareness of the industry and the many opportunities that exist within it.
  • Career Ready – This initiative offers 16-18 learners the opportunity to experience the logistics sector whilst continuing their studies. The learners engage directly with employers through site visits, mentoring and work placements.
  • Pre-employment and skills – providing a range of entry points for those looking to start their career in the industry, including training through sector-based work academies.
  • Apprenticeships – offering opportunities for both new and existing staff.
  • Commercial training – providing bespoke training within the workplace that meets the needs of the individual business and its workforce.
  • Higher education – developing higher level skills, again for new and current staff, encouraging employers to recognise and cultivate talent and raise aspirations within the industry.
14-16 School Engagement

14-16 School Engagement

One of the biggest challenges faced by the logistics sector is that it has an ageing workforce.

Did you know, 60% of drivers are over 45?

And it is estimated that the sector needs over 1.15m new workers by 2020 – with 1m being replacements.
To help spread the word, we deliver a range of events with schools, working with Stockton Riverside College and a range of industry leaders. Through a range of events, such as careers days and school information events, the Tees Valley Logistics Academy aims to raise awareness with year 10 and 11 school pupils, encouraging them to consider logistics when making future career choices.

16-18 – Career Ready with Tees Valley Logistics Academy

Career Ready with Tees Valley Logistics Academy

Through the Career Ready initiative, and working with a range of industry leaders, the Tees Valley Logistics Academy aims to raise awareness of the sector among young people aged 16-18, and in doing so, encourage them to see it as a viable career option. The young people get the chance to develop their knowledge and skills by taking part in masterclasses, site visits and mentoring opportunities. The Career Ready programme also gives its young learners the chance to get their first taste of work in this highly dynamic sector through a placement or internship.

Benefits of the Career Ready scheme with the Tees Valley Logistics Academy:

  • Learners are assigned a senior member of a leading logistics company as a mentor.
  • Attendance at eight masterclasses delivered by industry leaders.
  • Through educational visits the young people see first-hand how the logistics sector operates. Recent trips have included London, NEC in Birmingham and the Northern Rail hub in Newcastle.
  • Support to develop employability skills – how to be successful at interviews and CV development.
  • Experience the world of work through a paid four week summer internship.
  • Establish a network of contacts in the sector.
Careers in logistics

There are many roles within logistics including:

  • Warehouse and Storage Manager
  • LGV Driver
  • Supply Chain Practitioner
  • Transport Planning Technician
  • Transport Operations Manager

Other roles in logistics include: 

  • Business Administration
  • Project Management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Finance – Human Resources
  • Information Technology
What do employers say?

What employers say…

100% of employers responding to the UKCES Employers Skills Survey believe a Logistics Academy is needed in Tees Valley. Reasons given include:

  • A need to improve awareness and perceptions about the logistics industry
  • To help young people be industry-ready.
  • To help meet the current shortage in drivers.

Employers said they would use the Tees Valley Logistics Academy to meet their skills needs, the majority (80%) reported that they would likely or very likely use the Academy for Apprenticeship, including Higher Level Apprenticeship Training.

The main skills shortages cited by employers include:

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Technical skills (e.g. driving skills and vehicle technicians)

Steve Cockeline, PD Ports

“Wajid will leave our operations with a greater understanding of just what it is like to be involved in such a dynamic industry and I am pleased to have been a part of the development of his knowledge and skills. From a company perspective it is imperative that we demonstrate our commitment to the next generation of potential employees and these young people coming into the business provide us with a glimpse of what skills and knowledge they can bring to our operations.”
What do students say?

Emily, Career Ready student, Stockton Riverside College

“I got to learn about the working environment at PD Ports and how everyone works together in a close knit team in the engineering department. I enjoyed being involved in and seeing many of the projects taking place at PD at the moment and engaging with a variety of different people."

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Pre-employment & skills

Areas of training include:

  • Sector-based work academies
  • Recruitment support
  • Pre-employment training
  • Health and safety
  • Introduction to logistics
  • Driver training
  • Warehousing/storage
  • First aid

Pre-employment & Skills

The Tees Valley Logistics Academy recognises that gaining employment in the logistics sector can be challenging. Working alongside the highly experienced pre-employment team at Stockton Riverside College we aim to support people back into work. We have developed a range of programmes that, combined together, will help to give unemployed people the basic skills they need to embark on a career in logistics.



At the Tees Valley Logistics Academy we offer a wide range of training opportunities through the apprenticeship route.

Apprenticeships are a great way for employers to either develop the skillset of their existing employees or help future-proof their workforce by giving new apprentices the specific skills required to meet the needs of their business.

We offer a wider range of apprenticeships in areas including:

  • Warehousing/ storage
  • Driver goods vehicles
  • Supply chain management
  • Traffic office
  • Business improvement techniques
  • Accounting
  • Team leading/management
  • Admin/customer service

Our apprenticeship delivery is supported by Stockton Riverside College.

The Tees Valley Logistics Academy is at the forefront of the apprenticeship reform and supports both levy and non-levy payers with their apprenticeship requirements.

A future in logistics is on the cards for Michael who impressed bosses so much on his work placement he came away with a job offer.

The former NETA Training student who opted to take part in the Career Ready Logistics Academy alongside his studies is now carrying out an apprenticeship in supply chain and warehousing at PD Ports.

“I got so much experience during my internship, it opened my eyes to what work is really like,” he said.

Stunned and delighted to then be taken on as an apprenticeship, Michael added: “It is brilliant, I love it. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.”

Commercial training

Commercial Training

Talk to us about your company’s training needs in the logistics sector. At the Tees Valley Logistics Academy we can provide workplace learning (ESF/commercial) in areas such as:

  • Drivers CPC
  • Dangerous loads
  • Fork lift truck
  • Customised leadership/management
  • Health and safety
  • Manual handling
  • First aid

These can be accessed on a bespoke basis or as a ‘bolt-on’ to the apprenticeship provision.

  • We also offer a wide range of bespoke, accredited and licensed training.
Higher Education

Higher Education

Whilst still in the early stages higher education in logistics will be a key element in the development of higher level skills in the sector. Higher apprenticeship programmes are being developed on an ongoing basis and the Tees Valley Logistics Academy is at the forefront of these developments. We offer access to:

  • Foundation degrees in Business and Information and Technology
  • Higher Apprenticeships (Supply Chain)
  • Degree Apprenticeships (Leadership and Management)
  • CMI Management qualifications
  • CIPD Human Resources qualifications
  • AAT Accountancy

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