Keeping you safe

  • Here are some great resources to start your journey to becoming a confident and safe user of the wild, whacky and weird place called the Internet.
  • If you have a serious concern about someone’s behaviour on the Internet, contact CEOP.
  • If you believe someone is at risk of imminent serious harm, contact the police.
  • Remember, if you have an e-Safety concern, you don’t have to find a special member of staff – all staff in college can help.

Report something that worries you

Websites where you can get a range of good advice

Advice and Support for Parents/Carers

Social Media safety settings and information

#techFree15: Why not take a 15 minute break from using your devices? Take a walk, meet friends offline, read a book, cook a meal. Click here to find out more.

The Internet is a breeding ground for strange new words and acronyms; find out what they mean here.

Remember! Don’t share your personal information, including passwords, keep privacy settings high, don’t friend or meet strangers and tell someone you trust if you feel uncomfortable or frightened about something.

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