If you are feeling anxious or stressed, or just need a little reminder to take good care of yourself, our Counselling team has put together a few pointers to help:

1. During periods of uncertainty routines are essential, it helps with your mental health and well being, and keeps you on top of the things you can control.

2. Try to go for a daily walk, run or short bike ride (whilst always following the Government’s social distancing guidelines). If you can’t go out, what about looking up one of the celebrities who are eager to get you moving on YouTube and Instagram?

3. We all know social media should be limited, however in times like this, reach out to your loved ones. Staying in contact via Facebook, WhatsApp or Skype can lift your spirits and bring those people into your home virtually.

4. Are you remembering to eat and drink regularly? Taking an opportunity for a break, eating delicious and nutritious food and staying hydrated will improve your mood no end.

5. Put together a self care survival kit. Be creative and add all your favourite things that bring you comfort, then take ten minutes out of your day and find a quiet spot to enjoy them.6. Every one of us are going through this coronavirus experience. Try to keep that in mind when others get snappy, remember, they’re probably just as worried as you are.

7. Are you finding the news overwhelming right now? It’s easy to feel like your drowning in all of the information that is being shared. Limit yourself to just official announcements so that you can turn down the volume on constant bulletins and updates.

8. Don’t forget to laugh and look for the funny things in your day, it’s great for your well being.

9. There is perfection in imperfection, lower your own expectations.

10. And finally, remember… this is a moment in time, it shall pass.

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