Do you want to develop new skills and gain experience in the workplace?

A traineeship could be for you

What is a Traineeship?

A traineeship is a training course that offers work experience helping you get ready to start work or an apprenticeship.

Open to those aged 16 to 24, traineeships can last anywhere between six weeks and six months and can be tailored to meet your future career needs.

Traineeships include:

  • A high quality work placement
  • Work preparation and training
  • Expert help to improve your English and maths skills with the chance to achieve nationally recognised qualifications

These are all skills that employers are looking for and could help give you the edge when it comes to finding a job or an apprenticeship.

What can a traineeship do for you?

Traineeships have been designed to help give you the knowledge, skills and experience that are expected in the workplace.

You will:

  • Develop the essential work-based skills employers are looking for
  • Get help with your Maths and English
  • Have lots more experience and skills to include on your CV
  • Learn more about the business and industry you want to work in
  • Be more ‘job ready’
  • Increase your chances of getting an interview if a job becomes available
  • Get an exit interview and possibly even a great reference, provided you impress with your dedication and enthusiasm!

Is a traineeship right for me?

If you are motivated, enthusiastic and want to start work but lack the skills and experience employers are looking for then a traineeship could be the ideal choice for you.

If you have been unsuccessful when applying for jobs and apprenticeships due to a lack of skills and experience, a traineeship could give you the head start you need.

Will I be paid?

Employers are not required to pay you for taking part in a traineeship but may support you with transport and meal costs. The work placement is a real opportunity to gain valuable work experience and should be seen as a route into paid employment.


Traineeship Vacancies

  • 1 Business and Administration
    Community Campus ’87 (Cleveland) Limited
  • 2 Housing and Tenant Support Work
    Community Campus ’87 (Cleveland) Ltd
  • 2 Joinery
    Community Campus ’87 (Cleveland) Limited
  • 15 Radio and Digital Media
    Ignition Radio
  • 10 Technical Theatre & Stage Management
    Stockton Riverside College