Film Production

Are you passionate about film and television? Is it your dream to produce your own work, whether it be short films, documentaries, music videos or full length features? Our film production courses will give you the skills to bring your ideas to life.What will you do?

Offering hands-on practical experience you’ll learn specialist techniques including camera techniques, film and video editing, writing for film and TV and production management. Using industry-standard cameras, sound equipment
and production software you’ll work on productions and assignments, often based on realistic workplace demands.

Is it right for you?

Whether you are a creative who wants to produce your own films, or you see yourself in more of a technical role, working the cameras, lights or editing, this is the course for you.

Smoking Kills, produced by Level 3 Creative Film Production students, and winner of National Cut Films 2017 Young Judges’ Choice Award. This film contains scenes that some may find shocking and so may not be suitable for a younger audience.