Safe Handling of Medicines (Level 2)

Safe Handling of Medicines (Level 2)

The qualification helps learners to develop:

  • A general understanding of different types of medicines and their use.
  • Knowledge of the procedures for obtaining, storing, administration and disposal of medicines.
  • An understanding of legislation and the audit processes relating to medication and issues of responsibility and accountability.

What will you do?
The course is made up of a series of modules which form 2 units of study.

  • Understand medication and prescriptions
  • Supply, storage and disposal of medications
  • Understand the requirements for the safe administration of medication.
  • Record keeping and the audit processes for the safe administration of medicines.

How will I learn?
Two module text books are provided with all learning materials included for your directed study.

How am I assessed?
Assessment involves a two work booklets which are completed as distance learning and submitted to the college.

What’s next?
Upon completion of the course, students can apply for other distance learning programmes, use as APL for QCF qualifications where appropriate and use their newly acquired knowledge in practice.

You need:
A willingness to learn and a keen interest in learning more about medicines and their safe usage in health can social care settings.

How do I apply/enrol?

This qualification is awarded by NCFE

  • Level 2 Accredited Qualification
  • Fully funded if you are a 19+ Learner.
  • * £120 withdraw or non-completion fee applies if you do not complete your course.

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