Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

By practising philosophy, humanity is able to ask itself the most profound questions relating to life on earth. How should we live? How can we decide what is the right thing to do? How can we make sense of our most intense experiences? Many people don’t want to consider these questions, but if you take Religion, Philosophy and Ethics then you are different – you are willing to open your mind and consider really deep questions.


Duration: 2 years
Starting date: September 2018
Location: SRC Bede Sixth Form

What will you do?

You’ll look at key questions of philosophy and theology through discussions, question and answer sessions, activities and debate. You’ll be challenged to think critically not only about other people’s beliefs but also your own, developing the ability to logically appraise opinions, arguments and conclusions.


How will you learn?

Through classroom activities, discussions, questions and answer sessions, and practise of exam based questions. Learning is pleasurable too, students watch popular film and TV programmes which raise ethical and philosophical issues like The Truman Show. The course consists of five 60 minute lessons per week.


How are you assessed?

Assessment is by examination, your final grade will be gained from your performance in 3 exams at the end of the second year (linear programme).


You need:

A questioning mind and GCSE English Language, History or Religious Studies grade C or above. It is challenging in the sense that it asks you to think critically not only about other people’s beliefs and conclusions but also your own. So be prepared to be challenged and to have to think deeply.


What do you need to know?

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge to take this course. Since the study of philosophy is widely acknowledged as intellectually challenging you need to approach the course with an open mind and a willingness to question the world around you.


What’s next?

You could go on to study Philosophy, Religious Studies, Politics or Literature at university. Future careers could include working as a charity officer, a counsellor, a teacher, youth worker or civil service.


How do I apply/enrol?


What kit/uniform do I need?

All resources will be provided.


3 Reasons to join us

  1. RPE develops the crucial skill of critical thinking – the ability to logically appraise opinions, arguments and conclusions. This is an ability which is in high demand in all sectors of industry and employment.
  2. Philosophy as a field of study helps you develop essential skills and as such, taking this course is beneficial for many other courses, from Physics to Sociology to English Literature.
  3. A high number of globally successful people studied philosophy like Matt Groening – creator of The Simpsons; Singer Lana Del Ray; Pope John Paul II; film directors the Coen Brothers and Bill Clinton.


Destinations and Progress:

Philosophy is essential in a number of fields such as law, politics, the arts and literature. This course would provide an excellent basis for university study.


Possible combination subjects:

Sociology, Media Studies, English Language, English Literature, History, Psychology, Classics, Physics and Law.


What students say:

“I love that RPE has made me ask questions about things that I’d never really thought about before.” “The lessons are well-organised and offer a range of different activities to keep me engaged.”