Travel & Tourism

The world is at your feet when you choose to study Travel and Tourism. Whether you want to highlight the virtues of your home town as an information and tourism officer or travel the world as a holiday rep we can give you the skills to start your own career journey.

What will you do?

Learning through group and individual study, trips, practical activities and research you’ll get the skills you need to work in what can be a vibrant and exciting industry. Covering everything from customer service skills to the business behind travel and tourism, researching holiday destinations and building a working knowledge of the wider world around us, we’ll help prepare you for the world of work.

Is it right for you?

Yes if you are keen to learn about the world around you and want to share that knowledge with others. To work in travel and tourism you need to enjoy meeting new people and have an enthusiasm for the area you choose to work in.

Go for it 
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