The literal meaning of the word ‘Sociology’ is the ‘science of society’. The interaction of people, ourselves, as members of society is what Sociology is about. Social events and changes do not occur by accident. Sociology attempts to bring a systematic understanding to our knowledge of what goes on around us – locally, nationally and even internationally. Using a variety of real life case studies and theories and applying recognized research methods the Sociologist sets off to try and understand our human condition a little better.


Duration: 2 years
Starting date: September 2018
Location: SRC Bede Sixth Form

What will you do?

In a sense “doing” Sociology is a continuous series of debates with and by Sociologists! We spend time investigating what Sociologists have found out and how their conclusions are debated and disagreed with by other Sociologists. We will look at the extreme behaviors of some members of society.


How will you learn?

Learning activities will be varied and diverse to reflect the nature of the subject. Lessons will be classroom based and you will attend 5 hours per week. Activites will include debates, group work and practical research activities. You will have the opportunity to analyse a range of case studies and real life crime scenarios.


How are you assessed?

You will be assessed at the end of your second year (Linear programme). Your final grade will be gained from your performance in 3 exams, each lasting 2 hours and worth 33.3% of your total grade.


You need:

To be inquisitive and interested in contemporary issues such as terrorism, green crime, the changing roles of the family etc. To enjoy reading and partaking in debates. To have GCSE English Language grade C/4 or above is recommended due to the written element of the course.


What do you need to know?

You will not need any prior experience/knowledge of the subject however you will need to come with an open mind (we cover a lot of emotive and complex social issues) and be prepared to develop your analytical and evaluative skills.


What’s next?

Extend your knowledge by going on to further relevant study at University before moving into future careers in areas such as law, social work, education, health services or human resources.


How do I apply/enrol?


3 Reasons to join us: 

  1. A-level Sociology has 100% achievement.
  2. Universities see Sociology as highly desirable as it demonstrates that students can be empathetic, analytical, evaluative and flexible in their approach to learning.
  3. Studying Sociology can lead the way to a range of fascinating and rewarding career opportunities.


Possible combination subjects:

Psychology, History, English Language, English Literature, Religion Philosophy and ethics and Health and Social care.


What students say:

“Sociology has helped me understand the world in a different way. I can now see things from a range of viewpoints and I have studied a range of cross-cultural examples”

“Sociology is really interesting and I love that we get to explore issues such as crime and deviance and sects and cults”

“The course is well structured and I know what I need to do to achieve my targets”