Media Studies

Media Studies

The media has become part of our everyday lives. It informs us, entertains us and has a huge influence on the way we view the world. The media is a dynamic, vibrant and, due to advancements in technology, often instant industry that offers lots of exciting career opportunities.

Duration: 2 years
Starting date: September 2018
Location: SRC Bede Sixth Form


What will you do?

This course will enable you to examine the power of the media, its regulation, genres, and audience, while also developing practical skills through the creation of your own media products for television, magazine and other journalistic industries.


How will you learn?

You will learn through a combination of practical hands on experience with specialist media production equipment and through close analysis of real world case studies that deal with race, gender and age representations within the media.


How are you assessed?

You will be assessed through a combination of coursework (which is worth 40% of your grade) and examination work (which is worth 60% of your grade).


You need:

GCSE English grade C/4 or above is preferable but not essential.


What do you need to know?

This course will give you hands-on experience using industry standard camera and editing equipment and you will be encouraged to make use of our state-of-the-art green screen television studio.


What’s next?

Media Studies could lead to a range of opportunities in both university and employment. It is an essential course for anyone wanting to work in journalism, media production, advertising or marketing.


How do I apply/enrol?


What kit/uniform do I need?

All course materials are provided.


3 Reasons to join us

  1. Great destinations! Our alumni students now work for companies making commercials for Tesco, they have made documentaries in the Middle East and they have recorded Oscar winning soundtracks.
  2. Amazing facilities! You will gain hands-on experience with industry standard camera and editing equipment and you will make use of our state-of-the-art green screen television studio.
  3. High success rates! The course has had a 100% pass rate now for the last four years making A level media studies students some of the most successful students in the college.


Possible combination subjects:

Media studies pairs fantastically well with both create and academic subjects alike. Subjects like Music Technology and Art lend themselves extremely well to the practical production based side of the course whereas subjects like Sociology , English Literature and English Language help students develop the analytical skills that are a key part of the media studies curriculum.


What students say:

“The media studies course is interesting due to the wide range of interesting topics and relevant case studies we examine throughout the year”.

Adelle Kirby


“Of all my courses, media studies is the most fun and enjoyable and I always find myself looking forward to the next lesson”

David Allport