Developing your understanding of Mathematics could open up a world of opportunities when it comes to choosing your future career. Mathematics controls many aspects of the modern world from iPods to cash machines and telecommunications to production processes in engineering, stock control, investment strategies and jet engines. It is a highly sought after qualification by universities and employers alike and a fully rewarding subject.


Duration: 2 years
Starting date: September 2018
Location: SRC Bede Sixth Form


What will you do?

You will build up your knowledge and skills in three key areas of mathematics – pure maths, mechanics and statistics. You’ll develop your logical and analytical skills by learning to apply mathematical techniques in theoretical and real life situations.


How will you learn?

A mixture of learning strategies will be used in your study of Mathematics including problem solving activities, group work, independent work, use of ICT and flipped learning to allow you to maximise your potential.


How are you assessed?

Three two-hour examinations at the end of the course.


You need:

You need to have enthusiasm for Mathematics, to enjoy solving problems, a willingness to think around a problem, to work carefully and methodically and learn from your mistakes and to not give up easily when faced with a challenging task.


What do you need to know?

You need to have at least GCSE maths grade B/6 and to be competent with all higher level GCSE maths, especially algebra, graphs and trigonometry.


What’s next?

Mathematics opens the door to a wide range of further study and career options including engineering, science, business and industry.


How do I apply/enrol?


How much does the course cost?

Only the cost of basic materials plus a scientific calculator – see below.


What kit/uniform do I need?

A scientific calculator with features expected from the new A level is required. The Casio classwiz fx-991ex has been developed for the new A-level and should cost approximately £20.


What financial & additional support can I get?

See general college information.


3 Reasons to join us 

  1. To enjoy the buzz from producing a correct solution to a complex mathematical problem.
  2. If money matters – research has shown (using statistics of course) that those who gain A level maths will achieve 10% higher earnings on average!
  3. Maths is everywhere. It is an essential tool in many walks of life and may be a vital part of your next  stage of education and career.


Destinations and Progress:

Mathematics opens the door to a wide range of further study and career options including engineering, science, business and industry. Most students progress to a university course with about 50% taking a Mathematics, Engineering or Science degree and the others taking a whole range of courses including Teaching, Nursing, games software development, History, Music, Business and Psychology.


Possible combination subjects:

Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Computing, Psychology and many others.


What students say:

“Maths is the key to A-level success. It provides the backbone for other subjects like Physics and Chemistry.”

“The Maths course has really good content and is taught really well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone mathematically and logically minded who is looking to learn something clever and widely useful.”


Extra-curricular activities:

Students can enter the Senior Maths Challenge, a national competition, in November each year. From time to time there are visits to mathematics talks at local universities.