Biology is at the forefront of 21st century science as we continue to unlock the secrets of life at a rapid pace. By studying biology at A level you’ll be immersed in cutting-edge developments and experience dynamic lessons in our dedicated and energetic department.


Duration: 2 years
Starting date: September 2018
Location: SRC Bede Sixth Form

What will you do?

You will build a solid knowledge in areas including biochemistry, evolution, ecology, genetics and anatomy. Lessons are interactive and engaging and you’ll get the chance to practise a variety of lab techniques.

How will I learn?

The course is delivered using a variety of interactive and engaging teaching methods. You will get the chance to experience a range of lab techniques. The course will involve four 70 minute lessons per week.

How am I assessed?

Assessment is by examination, and there will be ongoing exam style assessment throughout the course. A Practical Endorsement assessed by a range of experiments throughout the course.

What’s next?

You could go on to specialise in a wide range of subjects including: veterinary science, medicine, optometry, psychology, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, sports science, microbiology, forensic science, biophysics, genetics, neuroscience, botany, zoology, ecology and environmental science and of course, biology!

You need:

GCSE Additional Science or Biology higher level grade B/6 or above, plus GCSEs in maths and English, grade C/4 or above.

What else do I need to know?

Practical skills are embedded within this course and you will develop a portfolio to demonstrate your competence.

3 Reasons to join us:

  • Biology is the scientific study of life, here at Bede Sixth Form College you will explore topics and issues that impact upon our lives and the world around us.
  • Biology develops essential transferrable skills including problem solving, research, analysis and the ability to make connections between natural, social, economic, political and technological fields.
  • Biology is a great investment in your future career!