Understanding the Principles of the Prevention and Control of Infection (Level 2)

Key Facts
  • Starts All year round.
  • Course Type Distance Learning
  • Duration 8 Weeks
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This qualification aims to help learners to understand the meaning and importance of infection control, the causes of infections, the conditions in which they thrive and the ways that they can be spread. Learners will also gain an understanding of the methods used to prevent and control the spread of infection.

What will I learn

This qualification covers: Principles of the Causes and Spread of Infection in Health Care Settings. Principles of the Importance of Personal Hygiene and Health in the Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Care Settings. Principles of Decontamination, Cleaning and Waste Management in Health Care Settings. Principles of Infection Prevention and Control in a Health Care Setting.

How will I learn

Module text books are provided with all learning materials included for your directed study.

What's next

Upon completion of the course, students can apply for other distance learning programmes, use as APL for QCF qualifications where appropriate and use their newly acquired knowledge in practice.

Additional Information

Learners who are working or intending to work in health care settings will be given knowledge and understanding of infection prevention and control to support their role in the workplace. To apply for any of these courses or for any further enquiries, please email distancelearning@stockton.ac.uk.

You can study from the comfort of your own home.
You can gain an accredited Level 2 qualification.
All Level 2 courses are completely free; there is only a charge if you do not complete the course on time or if you withdraw.
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