Level 1 Construction - Pathway in Painting and Decorating

Key Facts
  • Starts September
  • Course Type Full Time
  • Duration One Year
  • You Need 1 Requirements needed View


We can teach you real skills that will not only help you build a future career but will be with you for life. Talented and trustworthy tradespeople are always in demand. On our courses you’ll not only get the practical skills you need to find work but our team of tutors, who are all industry experienced, will help give you the confidence and knowhow that could even see you go on to set up your own business.

What will I learn

You will learn communication skills, tolerance, respect, teamwork and working safely. You will get to experiment with tools and equipment used by the modern painter. We cover all hand tools, and focus on good housekeeping to maintain good relationships with our clients. You will develop a range of hand skills including applying paint by brush and roller; cutting in linear runs, laying on paint and laying off paints. Mixing paints from primary, secondary and tertiary colours. You will also be using different fillers and stoppers; from powder, ready mixed, flexible caulk, two pack fillers, and plastic woods. You will develop skills in application of fillers and work with faux effects including ground coats, wood graining, marble, broken colour, suede effect, stipple work, stencil work and metal leaf work. You will learn wallpapering skills which will include measuring and cutting dry papers, pasting techniques, wet folding papers, crosslining surfaces, standard papers, straight match, and drop match. You will also have the opportunity to take part in some work experience on an external project with a local company. This will be to pull together all of the practical skills and the social skills you have mastered.

How will I learn

Learning will be via a combination of practical and theoretical sessions, including lectures, presentations and demonstrations.

What's next

After successful completion of this course you could move on to the Certificate in Painting and Decorating year 1 with opportunities for an apprenticeship in painting and decorating.

Learn a skill that will be used throughout your life.
Excellent progression and Achievement.
Excellent Apprenticeship opportunities.
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