Business Admin Success for Jamie

Posted: 21-07-2017 - 1,556 view(s)

If you’re already studying in a Business Admin role and are ready to take the next step to further your career, our Business Administration course here at Stockton Riverside College could be perfect for you. Having a Business Admin qualification can open up many doors for you, including career pathways into industries including retail, education, law, marketing, public relations and even management opportunities in your current profession.

We sat down with one of our own, Jamie Gilbey, a 27 year old Admission Advisor from Norton working with us here at the college in the Admissions department, who started his journey with us back in 2011 when he undertook his Business Administration apprenticeship. Read on to find out how he got to where he is now and where he plans to go next!

Why did you choose to study Business Admin?

6 years ago (back in 2011!) I was working in a pub pulling pints and also working JJB sports, but I wasn’t feeling particularly fulfilled. I decided that going to university could be the next step so I signed up for a HNC in Computing at Teesside University, but after the first year I realised it wasn’t the right route for me and I decided to set my sights on apprenticeships as I’d heard a lot of good things. I got myself signed up to the NAS website and found a Computing apprenticeship which looked really interesting and I applied, but unfortunately my application was rejected. However, not long after I noticed a Business Admin apprenticeship had opened up and the college contacted me suggesting I apply. I did, and I was accepted and I started straight away!

Did you enjoy it and why?

I loved it, mainly because I loved the people I worked with. The college environment was perfect for me and it was a great first place to work as I’d never worked in a professional environment before, so I was treated like an equal rather than just an apprentice. I also got to experience several departments in my first year of my apprenticeship – I was split working between two teams in the Business Development Unit and the Information Services Team learning admin based skills, including working on a range of software, monitoring attendance, timetabling courses and inputting data. Everything that I learnt was extremely useful and I’ve been able to apply all those skills in past and present jobs.

What was the best part?

The social aspect, definitely. The team I was with were great and so friendly, plus football on a Friday with all the staff was always something I looked forward to. It was great that I got to gain a qualification whilst being paid and learning new skills at the same time, so I felt like I was a step ahead of a lot of my peers at the time. I was based in the college every Thursday, just to study and this gave me a much better understanding about the college itself and how it all worked.

What was your aim when you undertook the course? Do you feel you’ve achieved what you wanted to do?

My main aim was the gain full time employment in something I was passionate about, and I wanted to progress further within the college and potentially move up into an officer or advisor role. My aspirations are constantly changing due to working in education as there are so many different routes you can take with this course, so I’ve now decided I’d like to go down a teaching and assessing route. I do already have an assessing qualification but this September I’ll be starting a Certificate in Education (Cert Ed). I’m also currently running an evening Business Admin class in the college on a Wednesday from 6-9pm which has been really rewarding for me and great experience that will definitely benefit my future in teaching. We teach those who are already in an admin based role and our students are mainly 19+, but we’re also open to full time students from 16 or over who are interested in broadening their knowledge and widening their skillset.

What does your job involve and how has the course helped you do your job?

I’ve worked with bespoke software such as Prosolution, plus I manage and monitor the extensive data base and information management system. I also look after electronic and paper filing systems and utilise the gateway, our online portal to communicate effectively with external and internal staff and students. The course has been a huge help in terms of my job now, as it explores communications in a specific communications based module which helps develop interpersonal relationships and how to work with various different people.

Would you recommend this course to other people? If so, why?

I absolutely would – purely because it’s the base for so much. Having a qualification in Business Admin opens up so many opportunities in so many different teams including law, retail, marketing, HR and education. It’s such a versatile qualification to have and is perfect for anyone looking to take the next step on their career if they’re already working in a similar role in an office based environment.

What are you doing now and what’s next for you?

I’m currently preparing to begin my teacher training in September as I’d really love to be in a full time teaching or assessor role, ideally staying within the college of course! I’m excited to see what the next few years bring and where my newest qualification might take me.

Did you expect to be where you are now when you did the course?

I didn’t know what to expect at the time as I was young and still learning, but I’m really glad I made the choice at the time as it’s definitely benefitted me as a career option and I’ve achieved far more than I thought I would. Studying Business Admin opened many doors for me, including working directly within the admissions department and now helping me achieve my goal of pursuing a teaching career, meaning I’ll be able to pass on everything I’ve learned over the past few years!

If you’re interested in taking the next step in your career and want to join us in September, we’re still taking applications for this year. For details on how you can apply and more information about what to expect with our Business Admin course, click here.