Students help make cricket club a brighter place for the whole family

Posted: 19-03-2019 - 203 view(s)

Our Darlington Prince’s Trust Team have been hard at work these past few weeks at Darlington Cricket Club helping to brighten up an area that was once overgrown.

The students have been cutting back the bushes to create a picnic area for families to enjoy while watching the cricket. One member of the team, Shauna, said: “It’s great to get out of the house and help make something in the community presentable. We’ve been painting and gardening to get it all finished.”

21-year-old, Josh, who has also been at the cricket club on his work placement said: “It’s been tiring but a great experience. It’s really good to get a bit of fresh air. It’s given me motivation to get up on a morning.”

He continued: “As well as helping with the community project I have been helping paint the benches and fences on my placement.”

To open the brand new picnic area, Chairman of Darlington Cricket Club, Gloria Howells, praised the work of the students. She said: “The area has been made into a picnic area to encourage families and children to come along and watch the cricket. They have done a great job at making it a family friendly area.”