One year on: catching up with Elliot

Posted: 13-03-2019 - 38 view(s)

It’s clear when speaking with our former student Elliot that he is passionate about his subject.

He was so inspired by the Classical Civilisation course at SRC Bede that he has gone on to pursue Classical Studies at the University of Lincoln. He said: “I initially chose a history degree, but changed after the first year. My heart is really in Classics.”

Not only does he study the subject, but Elliot also works as a student ambassador for the School of History and Heritage (that runs the course), blogging regularly for the department and offering information to prospective students at things like open days and school visits.

He said: “The course is great! It’s difficult at times but the content is so interesting – it’s a great option to learn more about both ancient Greece and Rome. One of the things that has surprised me is learning Latin on the course – it is tricky but it’s been a lot of fun.”

Alongside his degree subject and working as a student ambassador, Elliot has also started a Classics Society at the University.

When asked if there was anything he learnt at SRC Bede that he particularly uses now during his degree, Elliot said:

“The things I learnt whilst studying at Bede come up a lot during my degree – I’m able to take pretty much everything that I learned at College and run with it. We look at skills like critical thinking and historians craft (how to analyse sources) on the course, but I’ve definitely got a good base knowledge in those areas from College.”

Elliot looks back fondly on his time at SRC Bede, and explained that his degree is expanding on everything he was taught by Anne (our teacher in Classical Civilisation), and that his “inspiration ultimately comes from what I learnt at College, for instance I frequently write about both the Augustan Age and Roman imperial period.”

Some of our Classical Civilisation students getting into character

With plans to go on to complete a Masters’ and PhD and pursue a career in teaching, Elliot said that his time at SRC Bede has set him up for success: “The teaching at Bede as a whole is superb, and Anne is definitely one of the best teachers I’ve met. The support at Bede is also great – all the staff are really nice and are keen to help with each student’s personal development as well as their academic work. I had a really good time here.”

“My advice to anyone considering studying at SRC Bede, particularly Classics, is to go for it and to take every opportunity that they come across. The only thing I’d do differently is to complete the EPQ as well while I was there and gain those extra skills – otherwise I’d do it all again.”

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