Production Arts students go behind the scenes of a thrifty Atonement re-shoot

Posted: 11-09-2018 - 206 view(s)

Makeup for Production Arts students got an insight into life behind the scenes of a movie shoot today.

The team put their skills to the test helping to turn more than 80 volunteers into “war-torn soldiers”.

Part of a thrifty re-shoot of the famous Dunkirk beach scene from the 2007 film Atonement, the aim of the event was to once again turn Redcar beach into the backdrop from the Oscar winning film.

Stockton Riverside College student Michelle, 18, said: “It was a great experience and really fun. It’s lovely to have been a part of something like this.”

Millie, 17, said: “It was quite exciting to see everything happen and come together and to gain that experience.”

The filming in Redcar was part of the build up to the 2018 Festival of Thrift, overseen by artist and filmmaker Richard DeDominici, who was commissioned by the Festival to create a Redux version of the five minute one-take scene.

Richard has pioneered Redux movies – re-creating movie scenes in the places where they were originally shot, but using local people, cheap props and a hand-held camera – for festivals and events all around the world. He most recently re-created scenes from Get Carter for the Great Exhibition of the North.

“I was delighted when the Festival of Thrift asked if I would do something here. I knew of the film Atonement and that it hadn’t been filmed in Dunkirk,” said Richard.

“We did a recce of the beach and it has changed a bit since filming, a sea wall has been added but we knew we could film around that.”

Delighted by the number of community groups and people that volunteered to be involved, he added: “I’m amazed by how many people came along today, many in costume. It is still just a tenth of the cast of the original so this is going to be a very thrifty version, but that is the point.”

The Festival of Thrift will take place at Kirkleatham Estate on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September, 10am-5pm. The Atonement Redux will be premiered on Friday 21 September and will then be shown at the Festival.

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