Vision, Mission, Values,
Public Value Statement, Tone of Voice


  • It’s All About You
  • High Performing but with Heart
  • Quietly Confident with Absolute Focus on Success
  • Building Real Skills for Real Jobs
  • Proud to Serve our Students and Communities
  • Aspirational but with Humility

To be a place that people trust; a place where people are inspired to fulfil their potential.

Our Roadmap starts with our mission. It declares our purpose as a college and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

We will deliver great learning opportunities, inspirational educational experiences and real practical skills training for the young people, adults, businesses and the diverse communities that we serve.

Public Value Statement:
To position Stockton Riverside College as a catalyst for educational, economic and social change within our communities
Stockton Riverside College is committed to being actively involved in the economic, social and cultural development of its communities through collaborative and transformational partnership working. We will use innovation and enterprise to create great learning opportunities and inspirational educational experiences; in doing so we will increase the education and skills levels for the practical benefit of the people, businesses and communities that we serve.

Tone of Voice
Our tone of voice takes its direct influence from our College Values.
We are not brash, showy or arrogant. We don’t make claims that we can’t uphold and we don’t boast. We are quietly confident; we talk in a friendly voice, one that wants to help, and has a casual, polite manner. No big claims, no jargon, but a smart, self-assured tone of voice that really connects with people.

Primary purpose
And when all is said and done our primary purpose is for people to enjoy their time with us, pass exams/qualifications & go on to do bigger & better things.

Strategic Aims and Objectives 2017-18

  1. Improve College quality, efficiency and effectiveness
    1. Maintain, at minimum, overall College Self-Assessment grade of ‘good’
      1. Improve Teaching and Learning using the lesson observation process and Learning Coaches as critical staff development tools
      2. Deliver high performance in relation to 16-18, Adult, Higher Education and Apprenticeship performance measures, including Value Added
      3. Improve the proportion of students that progress into higher levels of study
      4. Improve Value Added scores
    2. Achieve financial sustainability through the delivery of the College’s Financial Plan
      1. Achieve budgeted cost/income ratio
      2. Achieve budgeted staffing cost/income ratio (excluding sub-contracting)
      3. Ensure a rigorous Business Plan is in place for the potential merger with Darlington College
    3. Deliver a business infrastructure that enables the achievement of the College’s Aims and Objectives and delivers rigorous, accessible and timely monitoring systems.
      1. Deliver a robust IT infrastructure to support College effectiveness and efficiency
      2. Embed a range of analytics capable of monitoring progress against key Objectives
      3. Use technologies to improve effectiveness and efficiency
  2. Improve focus
    1. Ensure all students on study programmes receive high quality learning, educational experiences and skills training covering all aspects of their mandatory entitlement
      1. Achieve 16-18 student recruitment targets
      2. Ensure all students receive skills development and work experience appropriate to their intended destination
      3. Deliver English and maths achievement rates above national averages
    2. Grow employer engagement
      1. Increase apprenticeships
      2. Increase commercial income (training services)
    3. Grow higher level provision (e.g. Level 4 and above)
      1. Continue to grow a high quality Higher Education offer.
  3. Improve engagement and reputation
    1. Maintain a transformational approach to partnerships.
      1. Develop a sustainable relationship strategy with local businesses, the public sector and third sector organisations
    2. Ensure the College is external facing – demand-led
      1. Ensure all Departments have appropriate external facing resources in place
  4. Develop highly skilled, flexible staff
    1. Ensure the College is a ‘good place to work’, enabling staff to have fulfilling working lives and achieve their full potential
      1. Ensure staff survey results are at minimum maintained
    2. Deliver a staff development programme that delivers significant added value closely aligned to the College’s Strategic Aims and objectives
      1. Derive and then achieve specific measures to clearly evidence the above
    3. Deliver a health and wellbeing programme that enables staff to focus on developing a healthy work/life balance
      1. Develop and deliver a programme aimed at supporting staff to deal with the process of change