Schools Team

The Stockton Riverside College Schools Team is dedicated to providing professional advice to students looking to take their next step into further education.

Whether they would like to study at our Teesdale site, our BEDE site in Billingham or at our NETA Engineering site, the Schools Team can help your students get there.

Meet The Team

  • Conor McKerlie – Student Recruitment Co-ordinator
  • Leigh Teague – Information Advisor
  • Sarah Kellaway – Information Advisor
  • Conor McKerlie – Student Recruitment Co-ordinator

    Conor McKerlie – Student Recruitment Co-ordinator

    Conor McKerlie looks after the student recruitment team and is responsible for making sure that all of our schools have a named contact. He looks forward to being able to make a difference. He remembers what it was like to be a school leaver and feel the uncertainly of which direction to take.

    Originally from Leeds, it was circumstances that brought him to Stockton where he landed a job as a business administration apprentice at the College. Seven years later he remains a valued member of the team and now it’s his job to help students make the right choices for them.

    “Seeing the students and knowing that you are helping them to make a decision, that’s the best bit,” he said. “It is an achievement to see students progress, to hear their success stories and to know that you have played a small part in that.”

  • Leigh Teague – Information Advisor

    Leigh Teague – Information Advisor

    Leigh Teague is a new member of the school’s team, however she has been a lecturer at Stockton Riverside College for four years. Her background in the Creative Industries has gave her a good understanding of progression and the importance of being on the right course.

    “Not only is it important that students are on the right course, it is also a priority that they are aware of their progression route after leaving college. There are so many fantastic opportunities available, it is vital that we help students progress in the right direction.”

  • Sarah Kellaway – Information Advisor

    Sarah Kellaway – Information Advisor

    As an information adviser Sarah meets hundreds of school leavers every year preparing to take their next steps. With ten years’ experience in the field, she understands that every single student is an individual with their own ambitions and dreams.

    Sarah’s advice would be: “Make sure you explore all of the avenues available to you. Don’t just follow your friends. Attend all the different open evenings and decide what is right for you, not your best friend.”

    And the best part of the job? Sarah says: “At school I always struggled knowing what I wanted to do, so it feels apt that today I am helping others to work out what their hopes, dreams and aspirations are. I get a buzz from meeting a student, helping them with their choices and seeing them go on to achieve at college and do amazing things in the world of work.”

We offer a wide variety of events at our college and in your schools to allow your students to gain a better understanding of their chosen course, events such as;

  • Mock Interview Days
  • Lunch Time Drop-Ins
  • School Assemblies
  • Careers Events
  • Parents Evenings
  • Explorer days
  • College Tours and Taster Sessions

Explorer Days

Our annual Explorer Days in particular are an ideal way for students to sample a number of courses that they would like to study. It’s the perfect opportunity to see our amazing facilities, speak to course tutors and meet other students who are passionate about the same subjects. Explorer days are available at our Teesdale site, BEDE and NETA and free lunch & transport is also available.

Career Advisors Day’s

Here at Stockton Riverside College we like to ensure that our contacts within our schools have the most relevant and recent information regarding our courses and facilities. Our annual Career Advisors Days are the perfect opportunity for you to see the facilities and speak to our lecturers about key updates and developments within the college. If you would like more information regarding Career Advisors Days or any other school engagement services please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at or call us on 01642 865 566.