Get Ready for GCSE English

Key Facts
  • Starts June
  • Course Type Part Time
  • Duration 2 Weeks
  • You Need 1 Requirements needed View


Are you a 19+ learner interested in studying GCSE English from September? Do you have an interest in English and would like to develop your skills prior to starting the full GCSE course? If so, the ‘Get Ready’ course may be the course for you. This free course provides a refresher in the core elements of GCSE English and introduces you to the basic topics which make up the GCSE English curriculum. It is intended to build confidence in these areas to support in your general English ability, and also gives learners a head start for September.

What will I learn

Our tutors adopt a range of teaching methods to help learners build confidence in GCSE English. You will study a programme that encompasses the key topics in GCSE English Language, including: key terminology, identifying writers’ viewpoints, language analysis, creative writing and presenting a viewpoint. The online element of the course is designed for you to work at your own pace to complete the tasks over the two weeks.

How will I learn

Students are invited to attend two 2-hour sessions face to face, with the rest of the course being completed online. However, this is flexible to suit your needs. You will also be shown how to join our Microsoft Teams site for online. support and course materials. You will also be assigned a tutor who can offer additional support and 1-1 tuition on any of the topics covered.

What's next

The ‘Get Ready’ course provides the groundwork skills required to study a full GCSE English Language course. The progression from the ‘Get Ready’ course is to go on to study the full GCSE from September.

Tutors who are experts in their field
Excellent progression opportunities
A great stepping stone
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