The literal meaning of the word ‘sociology’ is the ‘study of society’. We explore important changes in our society and the impact that they have had on our lives. The interaction of people, ourselves, as members of society is what sociology is all about. Social events and changes do not occur by accident. Sociology attempts to bring a systematic understanding to our knowledge of what goes on around us locally, nationally and even internationally. Using a variety of real-life case studies and theories and by applying recognised research methods, the sociologist sets off to try and understand our society better and how to improve it.


Duration: Two years
Starting date: September 2020
Location: Bede Sixth Form

In a sense “doing” sociology is a continuous series of debates with and by sociologists! We spend time investigating what sociologists have found out and how their conclusions are debated and disagreed with by other sociologists. We will look at the extreme behaviors of some members of society.

Learning activities are varied and diverse to reflect the nature of the subject. Lessons activities include debates, group work and practical research activities. You will have the opportunity to analyse a range of case studies and real-life crime scenarios.

This course is 100% examination based. You will complete three exams at the end of Year 2.

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Some of our most recent students have gone on to Teesside University to study a degree in Crime and Investigation. Others have gone on to pursue a career in the police or probation service; working with charities or the government to influence important social change or become a teacher. Sociology will help no matter your career goals.

  • This course will open your eyes and you will never see the world in the same way again.
  • Sociology is seen as a desirable subject by both employers and universities, as it demonstrates that students can be empathetic, independent, analytical, evaluative and flexible in their approach to work learning.
  • Sociology will develop your confidence and communication skills.
  • Studying sociology can lead the way to a range of fascinating and rewarding career opportunities.

“Sociology teaches you about how and why people do things. It’s enlightening to discover how many depths we have in society”

“Sociology has helped me understand the world in a different way. I can now see things from a range of viewpoints and I have studied a range of cross-cultural examples.”

“Sociology makes you see society differently and can relate it to everyday life like social media and crime.”

“The course is well structured and I know what I need to do to achieve my targets.”

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