Why do people behave the way they do? The science of psychology explains everything from judgment and perception, to complex psychological disorders, including depression and schizophrenia. As psychologists we are interested in behaviour causes and the effect that cause has on an individual’s behaviour. Using the scientific study of human and non-human behaviour, psychologists use experimental methods, observation and statistical analysis to research and test their theories.

Duration: Two years
Starting date: September 2020
Location: Bede Sixth Form

You will study and explore a wide range of areas including the following: biological psychology, attachment, forensic psychology, and psychopathology. Throughout the course you will learn to think in a more objective and scientific way.

You will learn how to discuss theory objectively in essay form. Additionally you will conduct your own research and investigations into different aspects of human behaviour, applying your knowledge to draw conclusion and analyse the data collected.

This course is 100% examination-based. You will complete three exams at the end of Year 2.

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Studying psychology can lead to a range of higher education and specialist career opportunities, including specialisms like forensic and clinical psychology. It can also lead to careers in teaching, marketing or medicine. Some of our most recent students have gone on to nursing and midwifery, counselling, marketing, teaching and many more areas of people related work.

  • Develop your understanding in a whole new area and gain excellent understanding of human behaviour.
  • Research interesting phenomena that will not only develop essential skills for university, but gives you first-hand experience of human diversity and their thinking.
  • Psychology can help you in your future career. Employers look for the skills that psychology teaches, including critical thinking and objectivity.

“Psychology has changed the way I think, it has allowed me to see other people’s views and understand that peoples sometimes have reasons for their actions that aren’t always obvious.”

“I have really enjoyed the course, especially forensic psychology.  I intend to do this at university after learning more about it in class.  It is intriguing to learn the different motivation people have to commit crime and how they are dealt with.”

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