The law governs everything we do and will affect everyone’s lives, including your own, at some point, whether that’s buying your first car or house. This course is full of interesting topics such as Criminal Liability for crimes such as murder, manslaughter and theft. It will also cover Civil Liability in relation to personal injury and the court procedures involved. So whether you want to become a solicitor or barrister or just simply want to know more about the law, this course is guaranteed to spark your passion for problem solving and debating.

Duration: 2 years
Starting date: September 2019
Location: SRC Bede Sixth Form

Over the two years you will learn about the court system and where laws come from. You will also cover a wide range of legal areas, including criminal law, the Law of Tort and Human Rights. You will learn about police investigations and judges sentencing.

You will learn through a variety of methods such as interactive lectures, video tutorials, mock trials, visits to the courts and more. You will also receive resource packs and extra support in the run up to assessments. You will experience different learning techniques to ensure the needs of each learner are met.

This qualification is 100% exam based. You will complete three exams at the end of your two year course. You will be internally assessed throughout the two years to help you monitor your progress.

To have achieved A*/9-C/4 grades in at least seven GCSE programmes, and must have GCSE English and Maths.

There is no pre-requisite required for this course.

A-level law is delivered on a practical basis. It gives you an insight into how the law operates in practice. You will be given fictional scenarios based on real life cases to work on to build your analysis skills.

Most students will go to university to study a law degree. Others may wish to take the legal executive route and join the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives straight after college. Some students even go on to complete an apprenticeship in legal services. Other students have joined the police force or gone on to work in politics.

  • Our tutors are highly skilled professionals who have a vast knowledge of the law and experience of teaching law at all levels.
  • Develop essential skills such as problem solving, critical analysis, evaluative skills and research skills which are essential to succeed in higher education and employment.
  • Learning the law can lead to a number of highly paid careers, for example, lawyer, tax consultant, chartered town planner.

“The resources are good and I understand the content that is taught. I enjoy the stretch and challenge sessions as they help me to understand what I can do to improve.”

“The tutor is very friendly and approachable and helps me understand the areas that I sometimes struggle with.”

Trips to the law courts are included within the course. An annual trip to London where we visit the Royal Courts of Justice and the Old Bailey is also available for students. We will also visit Parliament Square and look at the Supreme Court, the highest court within the English Legal System.