A level and equivalent


Are you interested in how new medicinal drugs are synthesised? How space probes identify elements on other planets? How athletes are drug tested? How the body controls your blood pH? This course will answer these questions and more, developing your practical skills, numeracy skills and logical thinking.


Duration: Two years
Starting date: September 2020
Location: Bede Sixth Form

What will I study?

You will explore the patterns in the Periodic table, the reactions of carbon based compounds and how the speed (rate of reaction) and amount of products (equilibrium) can be monitored in a reaction.

How will I learn?

Scientific theory and concepts are taught via practical experiments, the use of IT simulations and even playballs!

How will I be assessed?

This course is assessed by examination (two AS exams in Year 1, three A-Level exams in Year 2), and practical assessments carried out in class.

You need:

Take a look at our prospectus to see our entry requirements and how our study programmes work. You will need a grade 6 in GCSE Chemistry – Additional and Core Science both at least at grade 6 is accepted as a substitute for Chemistry, but Applied Science is not.

What kit/uniform do I need?

You will need to bring a scientific calculator to lessons. We will provide you with all other required equipment.

What’s next?

Chemistry is a potential gateway to many high-earning careers and is highly valued by all universities (it is usually a requirement for entry on to medicine, dentistry and veterinary science). Some of our most recent students have gone on to study engineering at Oxford University and medicine at Newcastle University.

Reasons to join us:

  • Chemistry is taught by Dr Robert Spink, a highly experienced teacher with a PhD in Organofluorine Chemistry with several outstanding lesson observations from both Ofsted and the College.
  • Each student will have access to both electronic and textbook resources designed to complement the course.

What our students say:

“Rob is probably one of the best teachers I’ve had in the entirety of my life in education.”

“Rob Spink is a brilliant chemistry teacher.”

“The teacher’s very supportive and takes the time to help students which is great and also uses different teaching methods such as roleplay (with electrons etc.) which really helps us visualise things.”

“Chemistry is taught to an extremely high standard by Rob at a good pace. He makes sure all the students in the class are at the same level of understanding before building on and expanding their knowledge.”

How do I apply/enrol?

Head to our website and complete our simple online application form:

Alternatively, you can find a hard copy of our application form at the back of our prospectus. Complete this and post it back to us, or hand it in at our Reception.