BTEC Business

BTEC Business

Whether as customers or employees we all interact with businesses every day. Businesses are integral to the society we live in and are complex machines run by people. All businesses are different and as such have different needs. Studying business will allow you to respond to the challenges of any business whether as an entrepreneur starting up a new business or a manager of a large corporate firm.


Duration: Two years
Starting date: September 2020
Location: Bede Sixth Form

You’ll explore the world of business through relevant examples and study the purposes of different businesses, their structure, the effect of the external environment, and how they need to be dynamic and innovative to survive. Marketing is a dynamic field central to the success of any business, and we will explore how a marketing campaign is developed and then put together our own campaigns for different products and services.

Lessons in business are active and require you to participate, putting forward your ideas and taking part in group tasks and discussions. We will learn by considering real business scenarios, examining the challenges businesses have faced, and responding to tough business decisions.

In Year 1 you will complete four assignments, and in Year 2 you will complete one assignment and one examination.

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Future careers could include management, international business, marketing, or even launching your own business.

  • The opportunity to engage with real world business and explore their operation through field visits and guest speakers.
  • You will learn practical skills like making and delivering presentations, interpreting financial data, presenting complex business ideas, producing business documents and responding to tough business decisions.
  • The opportunity to choose your research case studies to areas of personal interest.

“We had the opportunity to visit businesses which allowed us to see them from an internal viewpoint rather than as a customer”

“This course opened my eyes to the issues businesses face and decisions they make to get products to market”

“Being able to choose which companies to study makes me feel I have ownership of my work”

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