BTEC Business

BTEC Business

Whether as customers or employees we all interact with businesses every day. Businesses are integral to the society we live in and are complex machines run by people. All businesses are different and as such have different needs. Studying business will allow you to respond to the challenges of any business, whether as an entrepreneur starting up a new business, or a manager of a large corporate firm. This course will develop your transferable business skills to analyse the business environment, work with other people and present complex business ideas to others.


Duration: One year
Starting date: September 2019
Location: SRC Bede Sixth Form

You’ll explore the world of business through relevant examples and study the purposes of different businesses, their structure, the effect of the external environment, and how they need to be dynamic and innovative to survive. Marketing is a dynamic field central to the success of any business, and you will gain an understanding of how a marketing campaign is developed. You will explore different stages of the process that a business goes through when developing its campaign and develop your own campaign for a given product/service.

Lessons in business are active and require you to participate and put forward your ideas. You will learn through a wide variety of modes, including direct instruction in classrooms or work environments, investigative and practical work, group and peer work, private study and e-learning. You will create your own written reports, presentation, sketchbooks, working logbooks and reflective journals. You will also work on group projects and time-constrained practical assessments. You will be expected to justify decisions and back them up with sound reasoning based on evidence. The course consists of five hours teaching per week.

In Year 1 you will have three assignments which are internally assessed and one timed assignment which is externally assessed. In Year 2 you will have one internally assessed unit (with a max on two assignments) and one examination.

To have achieved A*/9-C/4 grades in at least five GCSE programmes, including either GCSE English or GCSE Maths.

You are already more of an expert in the world of Business than you currently realise.

  • Business is a vocational course and so you will learn this content through real, practical business scenarios. Each unit will be designed around a business and you will learn through the challenges of existing businesses, both small and large.
  • You will learn real, practical skills for the business world. These include making presentations, completing group tasks, interpreting financial data, producing business documents and responding to tough business decisions.
  • Many subjects complement Business.

Choosing to study Business could lead to a range of exciting opportunities. You could go on to be a Business Adviser, Data Analyst, Consultant, Market Researcher, Accountant or even a Financial Analyst. Some of our previous students have gone on to work in senior managerial positions in some of the UK’s top companies, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, GlaxoSmithKline, Premier Foods and Greggs.

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