A level and equivalent


Biology is at the forefront of 21st century science, as we continue to unlock the secrets of life at a rapid pace. By studying biology at A level, you’ll be immersed in cutting-edge developments.


Duration: Two years
Starting date: September 2020
Location: Bede Sixth Form


What will I study?

Biology is the scientific study of life and you will explore topics and issues that impact upon our lives and the world around us, building a solid knowledge in areas including biochemistry, evolution, ecology, genetics and anatomy.

How will I learn?

Our lessons are as interactive, energetic and dynamic as possible, allowing you the chance to have a go at a wide range of lab techniques. You will be involved in practical activities alongside theory sessions to enhance your experience.

How will I be assessed?

This course is assessed by examination and practical assessments carried out in class.

You need:

Take a look at our prospectus to see our entry requirements and how our study programmes work. You will need a 9-4 grade in GCSE Science (Additional Science is accepted, whilst Applied Science is not accepted).

What’s next?

You could go on to study or specialise in a wide range of subjects, such as veterinary science, medicine, optometry, microbiology, forensics, and many more. Some of our recent students have gone on to study nursing at Teesside University, Neuroscience at Kings College London, Medicine at Oxford University, Microbiology at Sheffield University, and Veterinary Science at the Royal Veterinary College.


Reasons to join us:

  • You will have the chance to take part in international competitions. Our previous students have won awards!
  • Our enthusiastic teachers tailor their lessons to meet individual needs to ensure that you get the most out of your studies of A level Biology.

What our students say:

“A well organised course with knowledgeable and committed teachers.”

“Extremely enjoyable course.”

“A lot of content to learn, but very worthwhile.”

How do I apply/enrol?

Head to our website and complete our simple online application form:

Alternatively, you can find a hard copy of our application form at the back of our prospectus. Complete this and post it back to us, or hand it in at our Reception.