Our Mission

To promote and maintain a sense of community and citizenship by understanding, tolerance, respect and an appreciation of cultural religion and faith through education and information.

Our Purpose

A voluntary college provision closely associated with the Student Support & Wellbeing team, to assist all Students and Staff with their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

To enhance the colleges educational and spiritual provision for ALL students and staff.

To encourage mutual respect and tolerance for those of different beliefs and or opinions.

Our Aims

  1. Enable, encourage and help sustain spiritual dimensions to the lives of both students and staff of the College.
  2. Bring about mutual understanding between those of different faiths as well as none.
  3. Increase awareness of the different faiths and cultures amongst students.
  4. Provide information, knowledge and understanding of all faiths and none.
  5. Deliver information of the various faiths/ philosophies and to give an opportunity to question and challenge.
  6. Create opportunities for students to participate in a range of interfaith and cultural activities in a variety of different ways.

What we offer

  • Support, friendship and time.
  • Information on meeting faith and religious needs.
  • Information on social and cultural activities.
  • Assist with links to the local community.

Contact Us

We are available to be contacted in the following ways:

Email - Chaplaincy@the-etc.ac.uk

Teams - Bruce.Harrison / Ed.Evans

North East Better Health
Ofsted Good Provider
Tees Valley Mayor
TEF Silver
Disability Confident
EU Social Fund
Funding Agency
HM Government
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