Level 3 - National Diploma in Business (Includes Finance)

Key Facts
  • Starts September 2021
  • Course Type Full Time
  • Duration Two Years
  • You Need 2 Requirements needed View


You might not realise it but business comes into our lives every day. Whether nipping to the shops or updating your mobile phone contract, it’s all big business. Whatever you want to do in the future, everyone could benefit from a good dose of business savvy. Our courses will help you develop a better understanding of business operations and show you how to put that knowledge into practice.

What will I learn

You’ll learn about a wide range of subjects including marketing, retail, recruitment, project and event management, customer service and finance. Lessons will include a mixture of lectures, workshops, research and practical activities. You’ll also get the chance to get some work experience.

How will I learn

You will learn in a number of different ways including: • Workshops • Research • Practical Activities • Work experience • Lectures

What's next

You could continue your studies on a relevant university course or find work/an apprenticeship in the industry. Apply to university to study business or business related subjects Apply for an apprenticeship Study FdA Business Management at Stockton Riverside College.

Additional Information

This course has been developed to respond to the growing demand for individuals with skills and knowledge in both business and information technology.

Work experience opportunities to develop real-life work skills.
Tutors who are experts in their field
Nationally recognised qualification that provides an excellent opportunity for progression on to university.
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