Preparation for Access to Higher Education

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The Preparation for Access to Higher Education course is designed to allow learners to upskill in both maths and English. Within the college this course is highly regarded as an excellent progression route for those wanting to enrol onto an Access to Higher Education diploma. This qualification has a high success rate in helping those who are lacking in confidence with maths and English, to achieve the entry requirements for their desired Access diploma.

What will I learn

The Preparation for Access is made up of a full day or evening of English studies, an additional day or evening of maths studies and the completion of an Effective Thinking Skills course.

How will I learn

Learners will complete either a day or evening of English, where they will take part in a teaching and learning session and produce a personal statement in class at a sufficient level based on your engagement with spelling, punctuation, and grammar expectations. Learners will also complete either a day or evening of mathematics, where they will take part in a teaching and learning session and complete a maths test (at the end of the session) based on the basic principles in maths. Learners will also complete 2 days in college to complete an Effective Thinking Skills course and will be required to engage in the sessions and complete the relevant workbook required for this course. Please note these sessions will take place in college, however learners will be required to access Microsoft Teams, so IT access will also be needed.

What's next

This is specifically designed to progress onto the Access to Higher Education Diploma. The course enables those to have confidence as they progress onto Access to Higher Education diploma and then university.

Additional Information

The course entails the successful completion of all three elements of the Preparation for Access to Higher Education course. There are various methods of assessment including the production of a personal statement and the successful completion of a maths test.

This is a great course if you need to refresh English and maths skills
Get prepared before starting your Access to HE course
Ease yourself back into study and boost your confidence with this course
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