Pre-Access to Higher Education Science

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  • Duration 3 Weeks
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Within the college this level 2 qualification is highly regarded as an excellent stepping stone for those wanting to enter the Access to Higher Education Science route into university. The Level 2 Qualification in skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development is also labelled as Pre-Access due to its success rate in helping those who have struggled with the initial Maths and English screening tests for their desired Access choices. This course will be delivered remotely.

What will I learn

You will develop scientific knowledge and skills as well as improving your Maths and English to the level 2 requirement. The units covered are: The investigating Process, Principles and Practical Skills, Punctuation and Grammar Skills and Using Calculations. Personal Career Preparation D/505/5123: The career element of the course draws focus on personal progression, how you learn and what types of careers are available for those after Access and university. Punctuation and Grammar Skills F/505/4028: The English element of the course is motivated in developing understanding of punctuation and grammar. The work involved helps bring focus on essay development as well as creating a personal statement.

How will I learn

You will learn through wide variety of techniques including scientific practical session, lecturers, essays and presentations.

What's next

This is specifically designed to progress onto the Access to Science Diploma The course enables those to have confidence as they progress onto Access to Higher Education diploma and then university. Currently at SRC we have various cohorts of Access such as Science, Health, Social Care, Education and Humanities and Social Sciences.

Additional Information

£300 A payment plan of 3 payments of £100 can be arranged with student finance. All course fees will need to be finalised before moving onto Access.

Need to refresh English and maths skills - start here!
Need to improve your confidence? Try our pre access course to ease yourself back into study.
Aiming to start Access in September 2021 - Why wait ? Study Pre-access now and commence your journey!
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