Access to Higher Education Policing

Key Facts
  • Starts September 2021
  • Course Type Part Time
  • Duration One Year
  • You Need 3 Requirements needed View


The Access to Higher Education Policing Diploma is a qualification which prepares people without the traditional qualifications for study at university. If you would like to go to university but left school without the qualifications you need, then an Access to HE course could be for you. There is no upper-age limit for Access to HE courses. Courses are part-time and students complete the course in one year. Access day classes are currently over two days per week.

What will I learn

The diploma is made up of a series of units which are individually graded. Subjects will include Level 2 English Skills for Higher Education, Professional Behaviours for Police Officers and Maths. Level 3 units include An Introduction to Law Enforcement, Crime in Context, The Sociology of Crime and Deviance, Psychology and a Law and Criminology Project.

How will I learn

Class sessions which involve lectures and demonstrations as well as interactive learning using IT and Teams. Learners are supported and encouraged to develop independent learning techniques.

What's next

On successful completion of the access diploma, students can apply to university for a place on a range of policing qualifications through foundation degrees or degree programmes, all supported by the College of Policing.

Additional Information

The production of an electronic portfolio of evidence is crucial. Assessment involves the writing of essays reports, examinations, research and project work.

Study in a supportive environment with experienced tutors
Student loan for your Access to HE Diploma can be wiped out following completion of a degree
Change your future! Choose access and be university ready in 9 months
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