Refund Policy

Refunds for fees may be given where:

  • the course is cancelled by the college, fees and charges will be refunded in full.
  • it is deemed necessary to close a course programme before the planned end date the college will refund the unexpired portion of the fees and charges.

As the college relies on the income from a full class group to cover the costs of delivery, it is not in a position to refund fees to individuals who withdraw from a course due to changes in personal circumstances. Senior managers have discretion to award refunds on compassionate grounds or where there are extraordinary circumstances outside the control of the individual which could not have been foreseen.

Where learners take out a Advanced Learning Loan the fees are paid to the college by the Student Loans Company on a monthly basis up to the point where the student withdraws from the course. The loan accumulated for the learner will be for the same amount. Fees will not be refundable for loans unless the course is cancelled by the College.