Success for former Art student Amber

Posted: 07-07-2020 - 63 view(s)

Choosing to study Art & Design at Stockton Riverside College has really paid off for Amber.

After finishing her course back in 2012, Amber moved on to study for a degree in Fine Art at York St John University. 

From there, she had a case of itchy feet and decided that a relocation was on the cards. Having always been inspired by the history and architecture, Italy seemed like the perfect choice.

Once there, she studied in both Rome and Florence and went on to gain a Masters Degree in Arts Management from the prestigious Institute of European Design.

Now, Amber is a lot closer to home and last year opened her own clothes store, House of Zana, in Darlington.

Having initially started online, House of Zana specialises in ethically sauced, high quality clothing.

Although Amber does everything for House of Zana from designing the pieces and selecting the fabrics, she’s not alone. She has an in-house milliner and seamstress working alongside her. She also recently employed a marketing intern to help promote the business.

But that’s not all, Amber also employs a team of dressmakers in Albania and has learned to speak Albanian so she can communicate with them.

When asked how Amber found her time at Stockton Riverside College she said: “I will always say that my experience at Stockton Riverside College helped me to grow into the person I am. Before starting there I had no intention of going to university, but I left feeling ready and excited which has then led on to all the other amazing experiences I have had.”

It just goes to show where an Art & Design course at Stockton Riverside College can take you. We’re still taking applications for this September. You can apply here.