Bede proves the right choice for CILEx student Colin

Posted: 17-06-2020 - 76 view(s)

Sometimes it takes finding just the right environment to give you the edge on your studies.

That was certainly the case for CILEx student Colin, who despite years of study and professional expertise, just kept missing out when it came to that final exam.

“I have been working towards the level 6 qualification for a long time,” he said. “But I got stuck on a particular subject and, despite a number of attempts, I didn’t know what was going wrong.”

Colin, who works as head of debt recovery with a law firm in Newcastle, said: “What I realised I needed was some support in terms of direct teaching.”

For him, the CILEx law courses at Bede Sixth Form College, proved the ideal solution.

The part-time course could fit around his work and family life and also put him in touch with teachers and fellow students to have those conversations.

He said: “Within a couple of weeks I felt better prepared. Covering the different subjects and giving us techniques on how to answer the questions all helped.”

Though he is quick to point out that the course isn’t easy.

Having previously studied through distance learning, he said: “The jump from level 3 to level 6 is massive.”

But hoping to progress to become a partner and director in his firm, level 6 is essential.

“It has been tough, the management of people isn’t a nine to five job and I am also a father of two,” he said. Colin found it takes commitment and hard work to fit in studying as well.

“Time management is key,” he said. “Anyone who thinks it is easy will soon find out it’s not. You have to have dedication and if you don’t you won’t get the benefit.”

That said, he added: “I have never been comfortable in a classroom setting and always felt shy to speak up, but here we have an environment where it is okay to be wrong, that is something they don’t normally teach you.”

As for the hard work, the early mornings and late nights, he said: “It has been worth every single second.”

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