Christine’s drive for CILEx success

Posted: 15-06-2020 - 95 view(s)

Choosing a CILEx course at Bede Sixth Form proved the right choice for legal secretary Christine. 

Travelling from York every week to the college in Billingham, she believes it’s been well worth it for the knowledge and support she has received from her teachers and fellow students. 

CILEx student Christine

After almost 30 years working in the industry, she said: “CILEx is perfect for people like me who didn’t go to university but have lots of work experience and want to better themselves and further their career.”

As the course is classroom based, she said it enabled her to discuss what she was learning, iron out any difficulties and keep her focused on the goal ahead.

Starting work straight from school, Christine has worked in some of the biggest legal firms in London during her career. 

Now living in York and working at Andrew Jacksons Solicitors, she has been working towards the coveted level 6 CILEx qualification in her own time.

Hoping to become a paralegal with her firm, the mum-of-one said: “It is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s been worth travelling because everyone is so friendly and nice. I only had to come to college once a week, so the journey didn’t feel like a big deal.”

Fitting her studies around full-time work and the demands of being a mum, she said: “Fortunately I’m an early riser so I haven’t minded getting up half an hour earlier to do some study before work.”

Plus, she said, she might fit in 45 minutes at lunchtime, an hour each evening and then a few more hours on Saturday and Sunday.

She explained: “I would try to do it early and that way I’d have the rest of the day to myself. I didn’t see it as a chore because it is what you have to do.

“A lot of it was down to sheer determination. I am not the most studious person but if you want to do something enough you find a way!”

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