Handy hints for studying from home

Posted: 24-03-2020 - 245 view(s)

While colleges and schools are temporarily closed it is important to keep on top of your studies.

To help make the most of your time at home, Stockton Riverside College’s Distance Learning Co-ordinator, Sarah McFee, has put together five simple top tips to help keep you motivated.


1. Keep yourself in a normal routine: get up as if you are going to college, keep your break and lunch times the same.

2. Get dressed! Put on your shoes; dress as if you are sat in a classroom. Slippers aren’t usual college attire!

3. Use a diary or print off an electronic calendar. Set yourself tasks to do every day that are manageable and tick them off once they are done. It will give you a sense of accomplishment.

4. Have a separate work space that isn’t the same space you relax in. For example, do not study sitting on your bed; your mind equates this with relaxing and that is what you will want to do.

5. Stay in touch with people – contact a fellow student at least once a day. Even just one message to ensure you feel part of your college community.


Are you looking for ways to make your time spent at home more effective? Stockton Riverside College offers a wide range of distance learning courses in areas including health, customer service, business admin, warehousing, team leading, mental health and data protection. What’s more, many are fully funded if you are aged 19+. For details of our full range of courses visit: https://www.stockton.ac.uk/courses/distance-learning/