Beauty Lab 9 – Beauty Blog Second Treatment

Posted: 19-02-2020 - 46 view(s)

Although I have been sceptical about whether facials actually make a difference, I had to admit that after my first treatment my skin was notably softer. Having suffered from dry skin in the past, I was pleased with the results of my first session and was ready for the second treatment.

When I first walked in, the room was a lot busier than usual and I was unsure if I would be able to lay back, relax and unwind but I was pleasantly surprised. My beauty therapist Tilly was so professional and even offered me an arm massage, which really made a difference. As I have said previously, as a busy working mother it is refreshing to have that time to relax and practise a bit of self-care.

Despite always being professional, it was amazing to see how much Tilly had grown in to her role, her customer service has always been exceptional, but I could tell she was getting more comfortable and the quality of her treatment could not be faulted.

When I’ve received facials in the past, I got them because I was told they would be good for me, but I never actually knew what those benefits were. Without asking, Tilly explained everything as she went, and how it was beneficial to my skin.

Having followed Tilly’s skincare recommendations my skin is improving (apart from the odd hormonal breakout). I am really looking forward to seeing if my skin looks any brighter after a few more treatments, but until then it is nice to relax for one hour and feel like you are in the hands of an expert.