Beauty Lab 9 Beauty Blog – Week One

Posted: 14-01-2020 - 75 view(s)

Like many people after Christmas, I begin each New Year with a list of resolutions, the usual lose weight is the top of a lot of lists, with drink more water, read more books, start a new hobby usually following not too far behind.

With ‘self-care’ in mind a lot of people will join a gym to help with their appearance, join a library to broaden their knowledge, but not a lot of people will make looking after their skin a key focus.

Having always suffered from quite dry skin it was not until recently that I began religiously cleansing, toning and moisturising my skin twice a day. I was guilty of occasionally sleeping in make-up and only moisturising when my skin looked a bit worn out.

After years of neglecting my skin it was time to start looking after myself, this is when I decided to test the benefits of regular facials and the quality of the procedures performed by the level 1 students at Beauty Lab 9, located within The Skills Academy.

Taught by qualified Beauty Therapist, Rebecca Angus, student Tilly was assigned to do my consultation and facials for the upcoming few weeks.

Despite being located within a college setting, the beauty room is professional and relaxing. I was greeted by Tilly who was pleasant, professional and thorough in her consultation. After completing a form, we chatted about my lifestyle, how I care for my skin currently and how she feels a regular facial will not only benefit me physically but also mentally as a busy full-time working mother.

Having previously not really understood the importance of skin-care, Tilly expertly explained that as one of the largest organs in the body, our skin works extremely hard to protect us from harmful elements and toxins.

With the new launch of Beauty Lab 9, I was keen to see if the facials given by students would make a difference to how my skin both looked and felt. Over the next few weeks, I will be taking photographs and documenting my entire experience.

Beauty Lab 9 is a salon based within The Skills Academy, Marsh House Avenue, Billingham. The name itself was chosen by the students and offers treatments such as facials, manicures, make-up application and hair curling. It is open to friends and family of students at the college.

The Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy course at The Skills Academy combines technical skills and knowledge to allow learners to develop the skills within the hair and beauty industry.