Stockton Prince’s Trust Blog – Week Two

Posted: 09-10-2019 - 196 view(s)

Now that our Prince’s Trust Stockton team have got to know each other a little better, the atmosphere is much more relaxed and chatty within the group. We joined them in Week Two as they were heading across to Barclaycard to take place in a Careers Event session focussing on project planning and pitching skills.

As we walked over from the College to Barclaycard, the event itself had got a few members talking about what they hoped to do for their future careers. With one girl talking about veterinary services and another interested in office work it was clear that the programme was inspiring them to think about their futures.

In order to prepare for their community project, in which the team had decided to help the homeless, the group met up with Rachel, Project Manager at Barclaycard, to discuss the importance of planning, budgeting and pitching for funds.

We observed as the group firstly worked with a fictional budget and then applied their new skills to work out how much they would need when they pitched for funds at North Star. Split in to two teams, the groups worked together to decide what they would need and how much a hamper for each homeless person would cost.

We then watched a short video to highlight the various ways to engage others, ultimately encouraging the group to be creative in their pitch for funds.

As week two comes to an end it is positive to see the group passionate about helping the homeless but also learning the business side of arranging a community project. During the Barclaycard visit each member was able to use their own skills whether it be decision making, leading the group or even mathematics.

Join us next week to hear about how our team gets on in their residential trip.