The Prince’s Trust pays off for Jake

Posted: 23-09-2019 - 28 view(s)

The Prince’s Trust has paid off for Jake after his experience led to a new finance apprenticeship with Stockton Riverside College.

Despite having qualifications in both business and finance, Jake, 20, from Stockton, struggled with confidence which hindered him when looking for employment. Jake suffers from Asperger’s and as a result he said at times he can doubt his potential and struggles to advertise his abilities in social situations such as job interviews.

But throughout the Prince’s Trust programme Jake grew in confidence so much so in fact that during the work placement he applied to work with the finance department at the College and was successful.

After making such a good impression on his placement, Jake was given an award from the College’s Group Head of Finance, Kay Burrell, which was presented at the Prince’s Trust Stockton Final Presentation.

Kay, said: “Jake joined us as part of his work placement with the Prince’s Trust, he was such an inspirational young man, he was thirsty for knowledge and it became apparent throughout the week that he had a flair for finance. His confidence gained in momentum during the week and the team had nothing but positive comments about him.”

Pleased with the whole placement experience, Kay decided to open up the opportunity for a Finance Apprentice that Jake applied for immediately. After working with the Prince’s Trust team, Jake was able to successfully complete his interview and is really enjoying his new role within the College.

Jake, said: “I have always had a passion for finance and I had the qualifications to progress but my social skills have always held me back. After a couple of years and a few unsuccessful interviews my confidence was low and I wasn’t sure what to do next.

“The Prince’s Trust Team supported me so much and gave me the opportunity to get the experience I needed to progress in finance. Even after the course ended, the leaders were contacting me with interview feedback and how I could improve next time.

“I really enjoy my new role at the College and I know that without the Prince’s Trust I would not be where I am today.”

The Prince’s Trust Team programme is a 12-week course for those aged 16 to 25 who are not currently in employment, education or training. It is designed to help young people develop their employment, teamwork and communication skills.