What on Earth??

Posted: 20-05-2019 - 84 view(s)

Production Arts students turned Stockton Riverside College into a catwalk recently as the second year group held their annual exhibition.

Focusing on a different theme every year, this year students turned to a topic that is at the forefront of Stockton Riverside College’s mind; green issues.

Highlighting issues such as pollution, the fur trade and forest fires; students brought their models to life using body paint and props to hammer their message home.

When asked about the theme of the event, Makeup for Production Arts teacher, Nina, said: “We were inspired by the work we did last year with the Festival of Thrift around sustainability. It’s a really important issue that’s been brought to light in the last few years and we really wanted to focus on that.”

Starting with a base coat of body paint at 8am, students worked for 10 hours to ensure their models were ready for their curtain-call.

Teacher Nina said: “I’m so proud of the work that the students have produced this year. They’ve worked incredibly hard and it really shows in the standard of work that they produced. Everyone in the audience was blown away by the exhibition and it’s easy to see why.”

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