Celebrations at Stockton Riverside College

Posted: 07-05-2019 - 121 view(s)

Celebrations were on the cards at Stockton Riverside College as students hosted the 6th annual ESOL award ceremony.

Hundreds of ESOL students gathered to celebrate their achievements, with staff handing out awards for best attendance, most enthusiastic, most entertaining, most helpful, and best progress.

Celebrations at Stockton Riverside College Every year, the ceremony is passed on to a new class to organise and this year it was the turn of the 16-18 group who, as well as organising the event, also raised the funds to host the ceremony.

The entrepreneurial class raised over £100 by selling cakes and sweets for Valentine’s Day and holding a Grand National sweepstake.

The awards took place in a room decorated with artwork that the students had created, taking inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’.

As well showcasing their artwork, students also had the opportunity to show off their culinary skills as they laid on an international buffet of dishes native to their home countries.

Head of Department for Maths, English and ESOL, Rebecca Matthews said:  “Having students from around 50 different nationalities from across the continents in one room, who are all working towards one goal of learning the English language is fantastic.”

“Many of the students in the room are returning learners who often start unable to say ‘my name is’, and now due to such a fantastic team are able to sustain a full conversation. This is what education is about and why we do what we do every day.”

Well done to all of our students and award winners.

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