SRC Bede proves the ideal formula for Adam

Posted: 15-04-2019 - 35 view(s)


Now working as a Quality Control Scientist at High Force Research, Adam says his day to day work uses and builds on a lot of the analytical chemistry he learned in class at SRC Bede.

He said: “My teachers helped me develop a good base knowledge in chemistry, which really prepared me for my job.”

High Force Research is an independent chemical research and development company, specialising in chemical synthesis and research and development. Adam works as part of a small team who are responsible for testing intermediary and final products, carrying out quality checks. He explained: “We test products as they come out of production, carrying out general analysis such as purity testing and structural testing, maintaining good manufacturing practice.”

The former Our Lady & St Bede student is on an apprenticeship scheme with the organisation, studying at university alongside his job. “It’s great – I get onsite training at work whilst also doing my BSc in Chemistry,” he said. “At the end of the five years I’ll be more qualified and have more skills than a lot of other people who’ve done a degree alone.”

Adam heard about the apprenticeship scheme with High Force whilst he was at SRC Bede. He said: “One of our lab technicians worked at the company previously. High Force got in touch to let them know that the position was available, and my tutors helped me prepare for my interview.”

Prior to joining SRC Bede Adam spent a year with the Royal Navy, and so started his studies a year later than most of his friends. He was a bit worried about not knowing anyone, but quickly made a lot of friends, and his teachers were very approachable and easy to talk to.

Adam, who grew up in Stockton, said he chose Bede because it was really student-focussed. He said: “I visited other places but I didn’t get the same feeling – they didn’t gel with me and I really liked the atmosphere at the College.”

With plans to go on to complete a Masters’ and a PhD, Adam expressed how much he’s enjoying his apprenticeship.

“University really isn’t the only option,” he said. “There’s quite a big focus on UCAS and full-time university courses, but students really should check all their options, like higher level apprenticeships – you can get on-the-job experience as well as studying.”

Looking back on his time at SRC Bede, the only things he’d do differently were: “I’d maybe do an AS level as well as my other subjects, possible in computing as everything in the industry involves using computers. Bede is a really nice place to be – I really did enjoy my time here.”


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