Why it’s important to show a little Respect

Posted: 31-01-2019 - 129 view(s)

Students at Stockton Riverside College were given an insight into different cultures this week as part of their annual Respect Festival.

The event aims to help young people to gain a better understanding of the wider community by bringing people together to learn from one another.

Awareness sessions on topics including tackling stigma against refugees, LGBT rights and the history of the Holocaust, were interspersed with fun sessions including multicultural dance and circus skills.

Tutorial and enrichment co-ordinator Betty Smildzina said: “The Respect Festival is crucial for engaging students in thinking and experiencing different ways of life, different cultures and different beliefs.

“It is so important to expose our young people to all the rich diversity of the world, the UK and the North-east to help them mature into informed people and citizens.

“It is also a fantastic way to reinforce and demonstrate our commitment as a college to Fundamental British Values.”

Introducing students to Bhangra and Afro beat dance was Marsha Garratt of the All in Youth Project. The Middlesbrough-based organisation delivers culturally aware, fun and positive youth sessions and events.

Marsha said: “Dance is great for both fitness and mental health, and because we do dances from around the world the young people also get to learn about different cultures through the music.”

The college also hosted a wide range of guests from organisations and support services across the Tees Valley to help share important messages in equality, health and wellbeing.