Emily pays a flying visit

Posted: 01-03-2018 - 1,034 view(s)

Aviation students were given an insight into life as a new recruit at British Airways when former student Emily called in to share her experiences.

The 19-year-old from Middleton St George met with current learners to talk about life in the job so far and offer some top tips to those hoping to follow in her footsteps.

Now working as cabin crew with the major airline, Emily’s first working flight took off on January 1st this year.

“So, it was a happy New Year for me,” she said.

A career in cabin crew has always been the ambition for Emily, who chose to study at Stockton Riverside College as she said: “I had heard it was the best place for Aviation.”

For her, it certainly proved first class, as she built a thorough knowledge of the industry, took part in visits and developed the skills she needed to go on to secure work.

“I loved it,” she said. “The trips were amazing and you learnt lots about the training and the industry and what it would be like.”

“Coming from the course and having visited British Airways whilst at the college, I knew more about what to expect.”

However, she said, nothing can fully prepare you for the intensity of the British Airways training.

“It is so much harder than you expect but it is worth it,” she said. “It is something I can look back on now and feel proud that I have done it.”

Plus she said all of that knowledge comes into effect when you start work. It prepares you for the challenges ahead.

Now having regularly travelled to the likes of Venice, Lyon, Oslo, as well as long haul flights such as Seattle and Johannesburg, Emily said: “It is amazing. You meet so many different people and go to some amazing places.”

Looking back, she said, when she first applied for the job it had originally been for the application experience. To get the job was more than she could have ever imagined.

“I was blown away. I couldn’t believe it, my head was in a spin,” she said.

Today based from Heathrow, she explained: “It has been a complete lifestyle change.”
But one that she was more than happy to make.

Of making the time to return to the college and talk to current students, she said: “It seems crazy insane. I remember being in college and seeing people come in and talk about their careers, they always seemed so established in their career. Now that is me.”

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