Budding biologists compete in the British Biology Olympiad

Posted: 26-02-2018 - 690 view(s)

The results are in!

Once again, SRC Bede Sixth Form biology students tested their knowledge by taking part in the British Biology Olympiad. The competition gives hundreds of high-flying students across the country the chance to showcase their talents.

Hannah, Dominic, Nithu, Lauren, Josh, Emily and Christopher

Students sat two, one hour multiple choice tests taken online under supervised exam conditions. Questions went beyond the A-level syllabus, testing students on their wider application of biology.

Biological problems clearly didn’t faze our budding biologists, who achieved great results, taking home a silver, a bronze, a highly commended and three commended.

All student participants are hoping to pursue careers in the sciences, and have applied to university courses such as Pharmacy, Biomedical Science, Medicine and Biology.

“I’m very proud of them, they’ve done really well.” Said Gemma Bate, biology teacher at SRC Bede. “It proves they’ve done wider reading outside of lessons and can apply it to additional contexts they haven’t yet learnt about.”

Top scorers of the first stage are selected to represent the UK in the International Biology Olympiad, the next stage of the competition.

“The tests were challenging but fun,” said student Christopher, who received a commendation and is hoping to study Pharmacy at university. He added: “I was very pleased when I received the results.”

Dominic, who currently studies biology, chemistry and maths and aims to study Medicine at university, further added: “It looks good on applications and I would encourage upcoming students to take part next year.”