Port visit brings careers in logistics to life

Posted: 21-02-2018 - 349 view(s)

Careers in logistics have been brought to life for young people embarking on the third round of the Tees Valley Logistics Academy.

The young people from Stockton Riverside College and SRC Bede Sixth Form paid a visit to PD Ports.

Offering an insight into life at Teesport, the visit saw students take a tour of the facilities before heading out on to the water.

Jim French, chairman of the Logistics Local Advisory Board and director and past chairman of the Road Haulage Association, said: “The visit to Teesport was a great opportunity to show the students the scale and magnitude of what goes on here.

“You can see pictures of containers being moved from a ship to land but it is something quite different to actually see it. The sheer size of the vessels and the activity that is going on makes you realise the port is of major importance to the UK in terms of trade.”

Delivered by Stockton Riverside College in conjunction with PD Ports, SRC Bede Sixth Form, NETA Training Group and Career Ready, the Logistics Academy aims to raise young people’s awareness of the industry.

Working closely with a wide range of industry employers and experts as part of the Career Ready initiative, students are given the chance to take part in a variety of master classes, site visits, and work with a mentor, all alongside their full-time courses.

The young people also develop a working knowledge of the industry and build on their own employability skills by undertaking a work placement or internship.

North East Regional Manager for Career Ready Karen McCartney said: “It is great to see the young people getting an insight into what goes on at Teesport.

“The hands-on experience really helps the students to foster that can-do attitude, bringing the logistics sector to life and making it more accessible.”

The Logistics Academy was launched in 2015 in an effort to engage young people, to help develop a future workforce and tackle the industry’s growing skills shortages.

It now forms part of the wider Tees Valley Logistics Academy, a training hub that has been set up in collaboration with Stockton Riverside College, to service the demands of the industry in terms of training and helping to raise awareness among all ages.

Michael Duffey, Stockton Riverside College’s head of construction and professional services said: “The Tees Valley Logistics Academy recognises that logistics is the very lifeblood of the Tees Valley’s industrial landscape; that is why it is so important, by working alongside industry employers and experts, we are able to offer a service that responds to real demands.”