Stockton Riverside College Salon Experience – A Review by Jen

Posted: 31-01-2018 - 595 view(s)

After deciding that my hair needed a bit of a spruce-up, I thought who better to tackle my tresses than our very own hairdressing students over in our professional salon?

After browsing through the price list on the college website, I decided that a full-head of highlights would my best option as I wanted to get rid of the brassy yellow tones in my hair and be left with platinum locks instead.

Booking the appointment was super simple – I just rang the salon number on 01642 865453 and got booked in for the following week. My appointment soon came flying round and I was so excited for a bit of pamper time. You can also get in touch with them via their Facebook page or email them on to book your appointment or just ask any questions you might have.

When I arrived at the salon, I was welcomed straight away and given a form to fill in to find out a bit more about me. Once that was done, level 3 hairdressing student Shaunna met me at reception, offered me a drink and asked me a couple of questions about my hair. I felt really comfortable talking to Shaunna and confident that she understood exactly what I wanted as she was very thorough and made sure that we were on the same page.

All things hair out of the way, it was time to get robed up and started!

The salon was buzzing with clients and everyone was really friendly and helpful – Shaunna was supervised throughout my treatment by her tutor Mel as part of her training and assessment.

Shaunna began to apply my highlights and straight away I knew she understood how blonde I wanted to go because she put a lot of highlights in my hair which I was very happy about!

As the colour developed, Shaunna was very attentive and kept popping back to see me to check I was OK and to see how the colour was developing. It was really nice to take a couple of hours out of my afternoon to relax and be pampered, knowing I was in good hands.

Next, it was time to wash the colour off so I was lead over to the industry-standard basins. This is always my favourite part of a trip to the hairdressers so I was really looking forward to this bit in particular and I wasn’t disappointed.

Once my hair was washed and given a conditioning treatment I was taken back to my chair and as Shaunna began to blow-dry my hair, I  was quickly able to see what an amazing job she’d done. The colour was exactly what I wanted and looked so natural as the highlights were perfectly spaced apart.

I’ve had so many compliments on my hair over the last few days and everyone says the same thing; it’s such a lovely colour.

This was my first experience of using the Stockton Riverside College salon but it certainly won’t be my last – I was really impressed from start to finish and would absolutely recommend their services to anyone looking for a restyle or a freshen up for the fraction of the price!

Treatment: Full-head of foil highlights

Cost: £19