A Day in the Life of a Skills Academy student

Posted: 31-01-2018 - 765 view(s)

Ever wondered what a typical day at The Skills Academy is like? We went to speak to our students to find out.

The college, based in Billingham, has students in Hair, Beauty & Catering, Media, Construction, IT, Childcare, Employability, Creative Arts and Prince’s Trust, so a typical day is different for every student, and every course is tailored to our learners’ needs.

We went around every classroom to see what activities were going on throughout the day. Our Prince’s Trust Team were learning all about the importance of team building and trust. They demonstrated ‘the spider of trust’ where the students lean on each other to create a spider like figure. If one person falls, the whole group falls.

Next we went into Creative Arts where students were focusing on their drawing techniques and were showing off their jam packed portfolios, where each student has created their very own caricature. We hope they’ll do ours next!

Childcare students were learning all about the importance of English and maths in a childcare setting. They were also creating children’s toys that would be suitable for different age groups so they can understand the development of a child, whilst Media were putting their knowledge to the test by doing quizzes on topics they have learnt in class.

Our IT experts were putting together contingency plans for events that are held throughout the year. They were anticipating any problems to make sure that everything will go smoothly.

Students in our Construction department were practising their painting skills and creating different effects on canvases, as well as learning the basic joints in a joinery demonstration. They were also preparing their driftwood decorations to sell as part of their enterprise programme.

Our Hair, Beauty & Catering team were having a beauty lesson in all of the different bones in the hand. They created models of the hand to help them understand the purpose of them all and to help when using massaging techniques. The students were also demonstrating their face painting skills by creating a dawn of the dead skull look.

At The Skills Academy there are various types of animals that are looked after by our Employability team. Students showed off how they feed the animals, how to clear out their cages and how to handle them. They have rabbits, a guinea pig, a gecko and stick insects. We even sparked a discussion between the students on what to name them all.

The college is a great place to study if you like to be in a small and friendly atmosphere where the students describe the environment as a family.

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